Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nursery Update

We are finally finished with setting up the nursery! Good thing too because with one month left I was starting to think it might never get done.

So the first thing that you may notice is there is no crib in this "finished" nursery. Our little girl definitely has a crib, it's just set up in our room. We have our kids stay in our room about 6months and I didn't feel like setting it up and taking it apart a million times, so it's currently in our room. But you can see where it will go based on the mobile hanging from the ceiling :)

View of the nursery from the door

It looks a tad bare without the crib, but here is the nursery none the less! I am in love with the room. We left the walls a cream color because I wanted a neutral background for all the colorful handmade accents that I knew we would be putting in the room. 

This room truly is a testament to how much I love handmade:

*funny note about the curtains... I ordered this fabric with the idea of making chevron curtains, but when it arrived I realized that the chevrons were going the wrong way. Zig Zag curtains it is!

Handmade Elephant Mobile 

Handmade Dresser Runner

Close up of above runner. Do you not love the tiny bird details!?

Handmade Embroidery Hoop Art
1. Flowers on Patchwork Fabric -- We came up with it on our own!
2. Tutorial for the Wool Felt House
3. Inspiration for the Group of Houses

She has a total of 5 handmade crochet blankets to wrap up in when she arrives. There are more watercolor paintings near the entrance to her room, and once she arrives there will be a large bunting banner made that has her name on it (we do not name our children until we meet them, hence why it is not done yet). The ruffled crib skirt on her crib was hand sewn, and there are two handmade pillows which currently sit in the rocking chair in her room.

I meant it when I said this room really is a testament to handmade!
Now all we need is her to come on out and enjoy the room :)


  1. It looks amazing! You've done an outstanding job! I hope you're resting as much as possible and enjoying the quiet before the storm. Can't wait to see her when she arrives! Take care of you!

  2. Thank you! I really do love her room and find myself stepping in there to admire everything (or pull our son out) :)

  3. I used to do that with ours too. Now he uses every room in our house BUT his nursery! Murphy's Law I guess... :)